BREAKING: Biden’s Age Now Determined by Wind Erosion

Washington, D.C. — As President Joe Biden celebrates his 81st birthday, a group of innovative geologists have proposed a groundbreaking method to measure his age: wind erosion analysis. This unconventional approach, typically used for dating cliffs and mineral deposits, is now being hailed as the next big thing in presidential age assessment.

“The method has proven incredibly accurate for aging fossils, so it only makes sense to apply it to the President,” stated Dr. Sandy Rockwell, a leading geologist known for her work in sedimentary structures. “Our team has been closely monitoring the effects of wind erosion on President Biden, and the results are promising.”

The proposal, while met with some skepticism, has sparked interest in various scientific communities. Experts in geomorphology have already begun developing models to correlate the President’s exposure to natural elements with his age, citing that the technique could revolutionize how we view aging in political figures.

Not to be outdone, dendrochronologists have come forward with their unique method of age determination. “If we take a cross-section of the President, we could theoretically count the rings to determine his age, much like we do with trees,” explained Dr. Woody Barkman, a specialist in tree-ring dating. “While the practical application of this method might be challenging, the science behind it is solid.”

Amid these scientific breakthroughs, the White House has yet to issue an official response. Sources close to the administration, however, reveal that President Biden is amused by the creative methods proposed by the scientific community.

As the debate continues, one thing remains clear: the age of President Biden has become a topic of national interest, transcending traditional boundaries and entering the realms of both science and satire.

Government Proposes New Health Plan: Just Walk It Off

In what experts are calling a “revolutionary simplification” of healthcare, the U.S. government has unveiled its new healthcare strategy, aptly named “Just Walk It Off.” This groundbreaking plan transforms the complex web of healthcare policies into a single, straightforward directive: when in doubt, walk out.

The “Walk it Off” plan aims to kill two birds with one stone. The average US hospital bill is $12,974, and over 870,000 hospital visits are related to obesity. The proposed new bill will tackle both of these issues head on.

The Secretary of Health, in a recent press conference, stated, “From sprained ankles to stress, our policy recommends a brisk walk. It’s an all-encompassing solution, blending cost-efficiency with an active lifestyle.”

This novel approach has stirred a mixed pot of reactions. Critics argue that it dangerously oversimplifies healthcare needs, while supporters applaud its uncomplicated nature. “Gone are the days of deciphering insurance plans. Just lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement,” said a government spokesperson.

In line with the new policy, walking tracks, labeled ‘Healthways,’ are set to spring up nationwide. The government also announced a retraining program for medical professionals, converting traditional doctors into ‘Walking Coaches.’ These coaches will specialize in offering motivational chants and tracking step counts rather than medical prescriptions.

An anonymous official joked, “If you think you’re having a heart attack, just walk faster. That should pump the blood more efficiently, right?”

When queried about handling serious illnesses, the Secretary responded, “Our research indicates a good walk might not cure cancer, but it’ll definitely get your mind off it. For those insistent on traditional treatment, we suggest jogging as an alternative.”

Rumor has it that deals are already in the works with Nike and Taylor Swift to provide “Just Walk it Off” soundtrack and footwear.

The plan, albeit met with skepticism, has found some earnest supporters. “I walked off my last flu,” claimed a self-proclaimed health guru. “Sure, it took three weeks longer to recover, but think of the calories burned!”

Doctors have voiced concerns, with one commenting, “Next, they’ll suggest we walk to the moon to cure insomnia.”

As the nation prepares to embrace this ‘one-step solution,’ the government remains optimistic. “It’s a stride towards health liberation,” the Secretary said, concluding the press conference while briskly walking in place. “Remember, America, just walk it off – unless it’s a broken leg, then maybe hop.”

Biden Introduces Affordable Student Loan Plan: Pay Back $0 a Month

The Biden-Harris administration heralds its new flagship student loan repayment plan as one of the “most affordable” to ever exist. Aimed at lowering monthly payments for millions of borrowers, the “Saving on A Valuable Education” or SAVE initiative even sets payments to $0 for some students (They may have read our guide to student loans).

On the flip side, the Republicans were quick to bash the plan, tagging it as a “free college scheme”. In September, Senator Bill Cassidy introduced a joint resolution with other congressional Republicans to overturn Biden’s “reckless income-driven repayment (IDR) rule”.

According to them, the SAVE scheme could leave taxpayers on the hook for as much as $559 billion, making it the costliest regulation in US history. In the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution, the conservative critics argued that the Biden administration was just promoting the SAVE scheme “as a solution to America’s broken student loan system”:

“The only difference between President Biden and a snake oil salesman is a title……In reality, the SAVE scheme is a desperate effort to curry favor and buy votes ahead of the next election.

On late Wednesday, the Senate floor heard Cassidy commenting on the plan saying: “Where is the forgiveness for the guy who didn’t go to college but is working to pay off the loan on the truck he takes to work? This is irresponsible. It is deeply unfair.”

However, the Democrat-controlled Senate managed to narrowly strike down this Republican-led effort. They voted majoritarily along party lines in a 49-50 vote, making the latest challenge to Biden’s generous repayment plan null and void. 

On the occasion of the measure failing to pass the house, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said:  “I’m very glad this chamber had the good sense to defeat it. This is a real victory for our young people and for the future of America.”

Earlier in the same week, the President had indicated in a memo that he would veto the joint resolution anyway in case it passes Congress and reaches his desk. 

The new repayment plan has already attracted nearly 5.5 million borrowers, according to the Education department as of November. Out of this, about 2.9 million have their payments set at $0. The interest for borrowers and base monthly loan repayments are capped according to their incomes and family sizes. 

The press release further stated that the borrowers enrolled in SAVE are saving an estimated $102 a month ($1,224 a year) compared to what they would have paid on the Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) plan. Calling this the “most affordable repayment plan ever”, Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, was quoted as saying:

“Under President Biden, the Department created the SAVE Plan so that young people and working families can climb the economic ladder without unaffordable student loan debt weighing them down. I’m thrilled to see that in less than three months, nearly 5.5 million Americans in every community across the country are taking advantage of the SAVE Plan’s many benefits, from lower monthly payments to protection from runaway student loan interest.”

DeSantis Ditches Boots for Halloween, Opts for a More “Grounded” Look

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to swap his infamous boots for a more “down-to-earth” Halloween costume this year. Sources close to the Governor’s mansion have leaked that DeSantis will be dressing up as none other than one of the Seven Dwarves.

For those out of the loop, a recent viral video showcased the Governor donning a pair of boots that suspiciously seemed to have heel lifts, presumably to add a few inches to his stature.

Critics were quick to point out that the boots might be a compensatory measure for DeSantis’s height, or lack thereof. The Governor, however, has remained tight-lipped about the video, choosing instead to let his Halloween costume do the talking.

“It’s a bold move,” commented Tallahassee resident, Patty Simmons. “I mean, going as one of the dwarves? After that video? It’s like he’s saying, ‘I see your jokes and raise you a costume.'”

But the choice of a dwarf might not just be a nod to the recent boot debacle. Insiders speculate that this could also be a subtle jab at Disney amidst their ongoing legal tussle with the state. With Disney’s headquarters located in the heart of Florida, and Snow White being one of their iconic characters, DeSantis’s costume choice seems to be more than just a coincidence.

“Is it a coincidence? Maybe. Is it hilarious? Absolutely,” remarked local comedian, Jake Hernandez.

While the Governor’s office has yet to release an official statement about the costume, Floridians are eagerly awaiting Halloween night. Many are curious to see if DeSantis will fully commit to the role, complete with the oversized ears and purple hat.

One thing is for sure, this Halloween, DeSantis is set to be the talk of the town, and for once, it won’t be about his boots.

In a Triumph of Bidenomics, US Deficit Nears $1.7 Trillion

In an astonishing display of economic acumen, the United States, under the infallible guidance of Bidenomics, has successfully bolstered its national debt to a near staggering $1.7 trillion, marking a fiscal year that historians might one day refer to as “The Great Accrual.”

Sources report that White House staffers, in a burst of innovative problem-solving, have been seen digging through the cushions of sofas, desperately seeking any spare change to contribute to the national coffers. “We were hoping for loose dollars, maybe a forgotten Lincoln or two,” one anonymous staffer shared, a sense of disappointment palpable in their voice as they held up a bag of inexplicably found substances. “But all we’ve found so far is some dusty cocaine. We’re holding onto it for… uh, evidence. Yes, evidence.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has taken a more traditional approach, revving up the money printers and preparing for a fresh batch of crisp, newly minted bills. “Who needs a budget when you have an endless supply of paper and ink?” commented a Fed insider, the sound of printers whirring like music in the background. “It’s eco-friendly too; we’re recycling the economic plans from the 1920s.”

In international affairs, President Zelensky has reportedly been leaving voicemail after voicemail, puzzled why his once-frequent calls with President Biden have suddenly gone unanswered. Sources suggest the new, trendy war in Gaza has taken precedence, with funding whimsically redirected in a display of geopolitical ‘hot potato’ budgeting.

The fiscal year did indeed close with a flourish, the deficit hitting a high note at $1.695 trillion, a figure achieved through meticulous planning, such as a casual $457 billion drop in revenue and a modest cut in expenses by $137 billion – because who needs revenue when debt is the new black?

As the national debt hovers around a cool $33.6 trillion, up $10 trillion since the pre-COVID days, nostalgia for the pandemic’s simpler times is palpable. “Remember the good old days when we only had a health crisis?” mused a Treasury official while signing a $659 billion check for the interest payment on the debt.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, reaffirmed the administration’s iron-clad commitment to, eventually, consider possibly thinking about addressing the long-term fiscal challenges. “We have strategies,” she announced, waving a colorful array of pie charts and bar graphs, “and we expect they might reduce the deficit, theoretically, at some point over the next decade.”.

All this economic pageantry has coincided with President Biden’s humble request for just a smidge more funding – $105 billion, give or take – for humanitarian aid amidst the latest Middle Eastern conflict.

As staffers continue their sofa excavations and the money printers hum in harmonious symphony, the nation waits with bated breath to witness which economic marvel Bidenomics will unveil next.

Court Hires Chimp to Paint Portraits in SBF Trial

In a courtroom drama that’s already making headlines around the globe, the ongoing trial of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has taken an even more bizarre twist. Known for its unprecedented nature, given the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange and the billions lost by its investors, the trial has now introduced a new, rather hairy artist to its proceedings.

In a world-first, and perhaps in a bid to capture the essence of the trial’s unique character, the US court has employed a chimpanzee to paint portraits from the courtroom. Yes, you read that right—a chimp with a paintbrush, dabbling in the fine arts right in the middle of one of the most talked-about trials of the decade.

The decision to use a chimp, according to inside sources, was an attempt to maintain the level of intellect of the average FTX investor while ensuring objectivity. After all, chimps are well-known for their indifference to the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. “It’s a well-known fact that chimps prefer bananas over Bitcoin,” one courtroom observer quipped.

However, early images emerging from the courtroom have raised eyebrows and elicited chuckles. The portraits, while undeniably unique, have led some to speculate that the chimp artist might be…intoxicated. Brush strokes that resemble more of a wild dance than a calculated movement, colors splashed with reckless abandon, and what appears to be the occasional banana smear have all added to the intrigue.

“It’s clear that this chimp might have had one too many fermented fruits before his courtroom debut,” said a local art critic, trying to stifle his laughter.

While the world waits for the outcome of the SBF trial, one thing is certain: the chimp’s artwork will be remembered for years to come, serving as a colorful (and slightly blurry) reminder of the time when the worlds of crypto, law, and primate artistry collided.

In the end, whether SBF is found guilty or not, the chimp has already stolen the show, proving once again that in the world of finance and trials, expect the unexpected. And maybe, just maybe, keep the fermented fruits away from the artist.

Dumpster Fire Adjacent to Mar-a-Lago Valued at $69M

PALM BEACH, FL – A recent real estate appraisal has valued a dumpster fire located adjacent to Mar-a-Lago at a whopping $69 million. The valuation has left many scratching their heads, but local real estate agents argue it’s all about “location, location, location.”

“Look, if Mar-a-Lago is worth anywhere between $18 million and $1.5 billion, depending on who you ask, then surely a dumpster fire next door is worth $69 million,” said local realtor Sandy Goldgrabber. “It’s prime real estate. You’re essentially getting a front-row seat to all the drama.”

The dumpster, which caught fire due to an unknown cause, has become a hot commodity in the area. Potential buyers are lining up, with some even suggesting turning the site into a luxury condo tower named “Blaze Residences.”

“I’ve always wanted to live next to Mar-a-Lago,” said one eager buyer. “And now, with the added ambiance of a dumpster fire, it’s like a dream come true.”

The valuation comes on the heels of a contentious debate over the worth of Mar-a-Lago. Former President Donald Trump recently claimed the resort is worth $1.5 billion, a figure that has been met with skepticism. A New York judge even ruled that this valuation was significantly inflated, citing an appraisal report that estimated the property’s value between $18 million and $27.6 million from 2011 to 2021, as reported by Forbes.

However, Trump has been adamant about his valuation, even suggesting on his social media platform, Truth Social, that Mar-a-Lago is “WORTH 50 to 100 times” the value cited in the judge’s ruling.

In light of these developments, some locals are considering starting their own fires in hopes of cashing in on the real estate boom.

“I’ve got a rusty old barbecue in my backyard,” said local resident Joe Swindler. “If I set that ablaze, maybe I can get a cool $10 million for it. After all, it’s only a few blocks from Mar-a-Lago.”